Banbridge Baptist Church

2 days 1 hour ago

You are invited to join with us at Banbridge Baptist Church this coming Lord's Day as we worship the Lord together!

At 11.30am we continue our studies in 1 Peter

No 12. How should we as believers react, when we suffer wrongfully?
1 Peter 3:8-17

Pastor Taylor will be preaching

Following our service we invite all who are saved and walking in fellowship with the Lord to remain behind to remember Him as we break bread together.

6:30pm Gospel Service

‘The Claims of Christ’
John 5:19-30

Pastor Craig will be preaching and Christine McCormick will be singing at the Gospel Service

All will be made most welcome!

Banbridge Baptist Church

3 days 18 hours ago

Don’t forget to come and join with us for prayer tonight at 8:00pm. We look forward to seeing you!

The Lord will hear when I call to Him!

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Banbridge Baptist Church

6 days 3 hours ago

Something for the journey! This past week has been very difficult for many people in our wider community! There have been so many funerals that have taken place, and so many homes and families will never be the same again! And as we start a new week, there are many other people coping with their own personal pain, while others struggle with their own perplexities in life! Psalm 88 is a Psalm that helps us in the midst of our pain and perplexities! Written by a man called Heman the Ezrahite, it is another psalm that is attributed to the sons of Korah! And although commentators disagree on who this man is, there can be no doubting the purpose of the psalm! It is a very somber Psalm and it reveals the deep feeling of all that the Psalmist was passing through! Some of the phrases would show us just how difficult his life was at that time! He says - I have cried day and night before Thee; my soul is full of troubles; I am as a man that hath no strength; Lord, why castest Thou off my soul? Why hidest Thou Thy face from me! Those cries from this man’s heart would tell us that this man was suffering greatly! He couldn’t understand why he was suffering, and even though he cried out to God, his situation didn’t seem to change; his God didn’t seem to be listening; his prayers were unanswered and it seemed as if