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A special occasion to invite the wider family, neighbours & friends! Services will also be streamed on Facebook Live for those unable to join us in person.

Please note there will not be crèche or childrens church this week but the hall will be opened if any parents wish to take their own children over to watch service on big screen.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
Proverbs 22:6

Banbridge Baptist Church

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You are welcome to join us tonight at 8pm for our Bible Study and Prayer Meeting.

We will return to our studies on - Lessons from the ministry of Elijah!

Sometimes in the midst of our journey when times are tough, we need our strength renewed, we need our souls revived, and we need God's touch upon our lives! And that was certainly true of Elijah!

Lessons from the ministry of Elijah!
No 9. Elijah's restoration at Horeb!
1 Kings 19:5-18

Pastor Taylor will be speaking

Banbridge Baptist Church

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Banbridge Baptist Church

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Reminding all ladies that our next summer walk is on Tuesday evening (17 May). All are welcome to join us at Scarva towpath.

Banbridge Baptist Church

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Something for the journey! Do you ever wish at times that you could turn back time and do things differently? Do you ever feel like running away from your circumstances when you feel that you are completely overwhelmed? Do you ever feel that your pain and anguish is so great, that there is no energy left, and that there is no one that you can turn to? I think if we were honest, there have been times when many of us have been in that position, and perhaps some of us are there today! Our circumstances are such, that we are hurting badly; our hearts are broken; our future looks bleak; and we feel at times that life has become unbearable! Well during visitation this past week, I was reading a Psalm in the home of a dear saint of God, and some of the words in that Psalm really gripped my heart as I read them! It was - Psalm 55, and the words were these - My heart is sore pained within me! In that Psalm, David is crying out to God because he felt forsaken and it seemed as if everything in his life was falling apart! His enemies were doing him harm; he was being treated badly; he was being abused and he was living under a threat! He was a broken man and his heart was aching, and he wanted to get away from it all! He wanted to be free from his burden; he

Banbridge Baptist Church

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Banbridge Baptist Church

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You are welcome to join us at Banbridge Baptist this coming Lord’s Day!

10:00am - Sunday School and Bible Class

10:45am - Prayer Meeting
11.30am - Morning Service and Breaking of Bread

We will continue to look at our series:

Is the local church still relevant in today’s world?

Who on earth are we? Part 3
We are the bride of Christ!
Ephesians 5

6:30pm - Gospel Meeting

Questions about life that we need to consider!
No 7. Who touched my clothes?
Mark 5

Pastor Taylor will be preaching at both meetings and Alex Willis will be singing at the Gospel meeting! Hope you can join us!